Our Company

All Andean Perusa Lam

We are a company dedicated to spreading our culture through our high-quality products that are produced in Peru and sold in the United States. Combining traditional designs, colors, and textiles, in order to have current fashion products for everyone without distinction of race.

We want to touch your heart with our products and make you ambassadors of our traditions and culture; to be shown to the whole world.


Our vision and mission

To be a leading company and an ambassador of our culture, through our products that are produced in Peru and marketed in the United States; Made by artisan’s hands from different parts of the country, benefiting from fair treatment and payment for the improvement of the economy of the families and communities to which they belong.
We also seek to have high-quality products while maintaining our essence in order to publicize our values, customs, and traditions that our ancestors of the Inca and Pre-Inca cultures have inherited from us.